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Our objective is to become the foremost sports agency in the world by harnessing the transformative power of sports to enable our clients to reach their maximum potential. At our agency, we aim to leverage the unique characteristics and influence of sports to create unmatched opportunities and deliver unprecedented success for each of our clients.

Our Core Values


The most important thing above anything else is loyalty. We will be there for our JTM family, meaning clients and employees. You will be there in the trenches with your family because they would be there for you. Be loyal to yourself as well, keep the promises you make to yourself and be loyal to what you believe in.

Lead From the Front

You cannot lead others into battle if you are not willing to go to battle yourself. You cannot ask someone to do something that you would not be willing to do yourself. Lead by example and set the standard for how the job should be done.

Do One More

Always do your job and one more. If you have five tasks to get done, complete those and do one more. We will always strive to over deliver and exceed our clients expectations. Doing one more can be the difference between winning or losing. We will always strive to go the extra mile.


Always know that you can get better regardless of how good you already are. The moment we stop learning is the moment we die. There is always more we can get better with which always gives us something to keep chasing.


Follow through on the things you say you are going to do without excitement and motivation to get you to do the tasks. You cannot rely on motivation to follow through on promises made to yourself. You must be disciplined, and execute daily on your tasks.

Have Exceptional Standards

You will not always get your goals, but you will always get your standards. You may have a goal of getting 100 new clients and you may fail, but if your standard is to make 100 phone calls a week, you are much more likely to achieve your goal. Have extremely high standards and focus on those to get you closer to achieving your goal.

Take Initiative

Do not wait to be told to do something. When you see something that needs to be done, do it. Take the initiative to get tasks done without being asked. Be self-driven and look to push yourself forward and do what needs to be done.

Extreme Ownership

We believe in accepting full responsibility for our actions and performance. When you identify an issue or are given a task, own that issue or task and see it through to its completion. Do not shift blame. Work to make it right.

Build Relationships

Work to build positive relationships wherever you go. Consistent effort to build strong relationships with everyone you encounter will create strong bonds and lifelong relationships. The network you can build from simply attempting to build relationships is much larger than you think.

Always Continue Learning

Learning is essential to growth and our personal growth and performance will have a direct impact on those around us. Invest in yourself to be better, not only for yourself, but for everyone around you.


Always do the right thing and make decisions based on what is right and do this without the expectation of anything in return. We strive to give more than we take and monitor our intent in any decision we make.

Be Enthusiastic

When you are enthusiastic about something, you are more likely to follow through with it. Enthusiasm can make or break not only your attitude about something, but someone else’s as well. Remaining enthusiastic in situations of chaos can better help push through difficulties.


BELIEVE in the big picture and the direction we are all headed and believe in the tasks that need to be done to get there. Believe in the mission and the work will be worth it. The struggle will pay off. Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you are correct. The beliefs we hold are extremely powerful and important to the success of our mission. We believe in our core values and they shape who we are fundamentally at our core.

NIL Collectives

At JTM, we pride ourselves on being experts in NIL Collective negotiations. Our team has built strong relationships with the key players in the collective space, giving us a deep understanding of how these deals work and what it takes to negotiate the best possible terms for our clients. With over 7 figures in contracts closed under our belt, we bring unparalleled knowledge and experience to the table. 
We understand that emotions can run high during negotiations, which is why we provide a valuable layer of amenity between our clients and their future teams. Our goal is to ensure our clients remain focused on the game while we take care of business on their behalf. We work tirelessly to negotiate great terms and value for our clients, making them feel valued by their future teams while ensuring the collective feels they got a fantastic deal as well. 
If you’re an athlete looking to maximize your end value through an NIL collective deal at your university, JTM is here to help. Reach out to us today and let us guide you through this process, setting you up for success both on and off the field.